Anti-aging system with

scientifically proven efficacy*

Made in Germany based on

advanced medical research.


*Clinical tests + in-vivo study at Free University of Berlin

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Dr. Bernd M. Löffler (Medical Doctor and Biologist) gives an overview of the ageLine concept, how the formulas work, the technology that makes them truly effective and different from conventional skincare. Simply click Play, lean back and you’ll be comprehensively informed in no time.

Proven Effectiveness

Independent studies have impressively demonstrated the clearly visible results.

High Tech Made in Germany

To ensure the highest quality and safety standards, all ageLine products are developed, tested and produced in Germany with state-of-the-art technologies by our experienced specialists.

Unconditional money back guarantee

Risk Free Trial with our money back guarantee.

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ageLine® is a straight-forward, effective anti-ageing system consisting of four products that have been developed to work in synergy.


For ideal results, we recommend to use the complete range of all four products – but of course each of the formulas is also effective on its own.

Claudia Hagen

ageLine convinced me right away when I used it the first time. All products feels great on the skin and they immediately made my skin structure appear more fine

Petra Engels

I was particularly enthusiastic about the Eyeserum. After just a few days, the wrinkles in the eyes were significantly reduced and the skin looked much smoother. In addition, all products of the series are quickly absorbed and are completely odourless.

Anna Clemens

The uncomplicated and fast application is simple fantastic! The 4 steps of the series cover all my skin's needs.

Proven Effectiveness

Compared to many other care products, the benefits of ageLine are proven by efficacy studies of the individual ingredients as well as by a reliable In-Vivo test of the final product, carried out by the Free University of Berlin.

During the test period, clear improvements of the complexion have been verified scientifically. Women and men of different age used the ageLine eye lifting serum as part of their daily skincare routine. After only a short period of usage improvements have been determined by measuring the number of wrinkles, fold depth and dark spots in the facial skin.

Most other care product series cannot show a clinical test of the final product, but often refer in their advertisements to studies that tested single ingredients only. The concentration of these ingredients within the final product is mostly low-level and often not able to achieve the same results as in the test.

An In-Vivo test by the Free University of Berlin clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of the ageLine Eye Lifting Serum:

After 4 weeks of usage…

… the fold depth has been reduced by an average of 21% 

rashes decreased by 22.3%

dark spots were reduced by 23.9%

The result is an overall fresher and younger look.

Study by Freie Universität Berlin

The effectiveness of ageLine by reversing signs of skin ageing significantly has successfully been proven by a clinical In-Vivo test by the renowned Free University of Berlin.

Watch this video and let Dr. Bernd Löffler demonstrate the impressive test-results.