The ageLine® System

> stimulates the hormone production of skin cells

   and improves their renewal based on medical research

   insights about the mitochondria (‘power plants’ of the cells)

> works deep in the skin, like an injection therapy

  but without the risks. Microparticle technology created by

  medical research helps ageLine® penetrate into deep skin

  layers for maximum efficacy against premature aging and its

  signs. Conventional skincare only reaches the outer skin

  layers and has a limited impact on cell energy processes.

> is a quality product, Made in Germany

  on the basis of research at IMM (Institute of Mitochondrial

  Medicine) and Freie Universität (Free University) in Berlin

The skin's hormone production

„We applied our expertise in the field of mitochondrial metabolism to the skin as human organ and developed methods improving the functionality of the mitochondria within the skin cells.“ Bernd Michael Löffler

Mitochondrial Medicine

ageLine® is based on the insights of Mitochondrial Medicine – one of the most advanced fields of Medical Science, researching the fundamental processes of the cell-metabolism and how it can be influenced.

The mitochondria are the power plants of the cells and are responsible for the production of energy and hormones. The optimal functionality of the mitochondria is of high importance for our health, wellbeing and our look.


Other than conventional skincare products, ageLine tackles the very base of the skins ageing process being conceptual and scientific – by understanding the basic process of cell ageing in detail.


In cooperation with leading scientists, such as Professor Rainer Müller working at Free University of Berlin, the ageLine team combined the most essential and effective cosmetic ingredients with highly innovative delivery-technologies.

Ingredients penetrate into the deep skin layers being more effective than traditional beauty products, which are just remaining on the skin surface.

„The applied Nano-technology is also used for medical purposes and has therefore the proven effect to activate cosmetic ingredients as well.“

Professor Dr. Rainer Müller, university of Berlin

Nano Technology

To work in a medical or cosmetic way the active substance needs to be sufficiently dissolvable and being able to enter into solution.

Many herbal substances have a cosmetic effect, but are not sufficiently soluble in their original form, therefore they cannot be used effectively.


NanoTech reduces the particle size of the substances to Nano-crystals (100 – 1,000 times tinier than a thousandth of a millimeter) and makes it suitable for medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic use.

ageLine® uses 3 innovative High-Technologies

1) Nano-Crystals

2) Liposomes

3) Lipid-Nano-Particles
… this leads to a far greater effectiveness within anti-ageing care.

Find out more about the applied technologies in this video.

The function of the individual particle technologies:

​(1) Nano-Crystals

  • Improving the bio-activity and solubility of poorly soluble substances

  • Enables the use of special ingredients such as rutin, which wouldn’t be applicable effectively in skincare without NanoTech.

(2) Liposomes

  • Mono- (uni-) or double-layered membranes of natural phosphatidylcholine filled with water-soluble ingredients, penetrate deeply into the skin and through the intercellular space due to their reduced size.

  • Improves the skin texture and increases its level of moisture

(3) Lipid-Nano-Particles

Contains Nano-Q10 (patented formula)

  • Active “Transport” substance with adhesive characteristics.

  • Improves the stability of the ingredients.

This technology is being used in the following products:

Hochwertige Inhaltsstoffe 

14 perfectly harmonized ingredients resulting in clear, holistic results when combined.

Our ageLine system results in immediate visible and tangible results

  • Intensive skin tightening, after the first application already

  • Radiantly fresh and younger complexion

  • Activates idle cells

  • Stimulates the cells ability to rejuvenate

  • Immediate smoothing of wrinkles around eyes and lips

  • Reducing deep wrinkles and lines in facial problem zones

  • Intensive refinement of pores

  • Sustained improvement of firmness and elasticity of the skin

  • Lifting of facial contours

  • Padding the skin from the inside out with essential lipids

  • Prophylaxis of UV-induced skin damage

  • Minimization of dark circles, pouches, couperose (spider veins), oedema and other irregularities in the skin texture

  • Younger and healthier appearance of the entire complexion

Made in Germany

To ensure the highest quality and safety standards, all ageLine products are developed, tested and produced in Germany with state-of-the-art technologies by our experienced specialists.

Cosmeceuticals are highly effective care products, developed on scientific basis, orienting towards the quality and effectiveness of pharmaceuticals.

Latest medical and pharmaceutical findings and technologies are applied for highly effective skincare.

Highest skin tolerance

No irritations caused by parabens and perfume

Highest skin tolerance

No irritations caused by parabens and perfume


Despite the high effectiveness, all ageLine formulas are highly comfortable for your skin (verified by an independent dermatological test). They contain neither parabens nor perfumes.

Following our ageLine principle, our products are composed of ingredients that have a positive effect on the look of your skin.

According to dermatological tests by the independent institute DERMATEST all ageLine® products have received the predicate “excellent”.
The 4-step ageLine System

The essential 4-step system is easy to follow and suitable for all skin types, every age and gender.

ageLine® cosmeceutic is a step-by-step cosmetic treatment which takes care of the skins basic needs, regardless of age or gender.
There is no need to choose between different cosmetic preparations as ageLine is an easy manageable range of care with essential products that interact synergistically and operate at the highest level. A combination with other care products is also absolutely possible.

Dr. Löffler: “With our goal to develop a skincare that is tailored to the respective needs of all skin types regardless of age, condition or gender, we assessed various possibilities – starting from hormonal cosmetics to conventional orthomolecular medicine. Years of research led us to an unique, innovative formula, which can be described as a new dimension in skincare.”

Proven Effectiveness
The effectiveness of ageLine by reversing signs of skin ageing significantly has successfully been proven by a clinical In-Vivo test by the renowned Free University of Berlin.

renowned Free University of Berlin.

Compared to many other care products, the benefits of ageLine are proven by efficacy studies of the individual ingredients as well as by a reliable In-Vivo test of the final product, carried out by the Free University of Berlin.

During the test period, clear improvements of the complexion have been verified scientifically. Women and men of different age used the ageLine eye lifting serum as part of their daily skincare routine. After only a short period of usage improvements have been determined by measuring the number of wrinkles, fold depth and dark spots in the facial skin.

Most other care product series cannot show a clinical test of the final product, but often refer in their advertisements to studies that tested single ingredients only. The concentration of these ingredients within the final product is mostly low-level and often not able to achieve the same results as in the test.

An In-Vivo test by the Free University of Berlin clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of the ageLine Eye Lifting Serum:

Watch this video and let Dr. Bernd Löffler demonstrate the impressive test-results.

After 4 weeks of usage…

… the fold depth has been reduced by an average of 21% 

… rashes decreased by 22.3%

… dark spots were reduced by 23.9%

The result is an overall fresher and younger look.
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